Why French Bulldog doesn’t eat?

Frenchie doesn't eat

     If you are a responsible owner, you may constantly be tormented by doubts about whether the diet for a puppy and later for an adult dog, is the right one. Don’t torture yourself.

     The easiest way to find out if everything is in order is to monitor the appearance, behavior of the puppy and his feces.

To start, a few recommendations:

  1. Regular feeding is essential. This rule is often neglected, although it is no less important than the amount of feed. A dog that is fed at a strictly designated time has a good appetite and absorbs nutrients better;

  2. It is especially important from a very early age not to give the dog anything between feedings. This can spoil the appetite.

Frenchie doesn't eat
Frenchie doesn’t eat

Appetite in dogs, like in other animals, depends on some factors:

     1. A dog may refuse food due to damage to some part of the digestive tract, for example, if a foreign object is in her stomach;

     2. When the temperature or the dog is just not feeling well.

With any disease, fasting helps the body restore normal physiological functions. Therefore, do not force the dog to force food intake. Sick animals do not eat – this helps the body to give all its strength to recovery.

     3. A sign of disease with worms in puppies and a dog is poor appetite, hair without shine, with thinness, a large belly;

     4. It also happens that the dog refuses to eat because it is too hot outside or perhaps he does not have an appetite;

     5. In addition, the dog’s appetite is affected by its emotional state.

Suppose someone in the family has died or been hospitalized;

     6. Dogs also refuse food if they are very

passionate about another type of activity: games, males – viscous;

     7. A dog that ate a lot of deliciously cooked food may sometimes refuse to eat because the new food offered to it is tasteless or unsuitable for it.

To a lesser extent than cats, dogs develop a habit of certain foods, and many of them turn out to be conservative in their habits;

     8. If you are sure that your pet is healthy, your dog just arranged a fasting day for himself. And this should not be cause for concern, as this is normal for animals.

If the dog refuses food for more than two days, it is necessary to take it to the veterinarian – this may be a symptom of a serious illness.

     The doctor will suggest that you examine the puppy.

     Take tests – blood, urine, feces, to determine the cause.

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