How to wean a Frenchie to pull on a leash?

to pull on a leash

One of the most common problems is that the dog stretches on a walk. But walking with a dog that is obedient and well-mannered is a pleasure. But very often, for dog owners, such walks turn into hard physical labor, which does not bring pleasure, irritation.  If you want to solve an urgent problem, how to wean a dog from pulling a leash, we suggest you read this article.

In the case when the dog pulls the leash where, deciding to go on its own, not paying attention to the owner, it needs to be made clear that there is nowhere to hurry, the owner himself determines the pace of movement.

We immediately make it clear – this is not a problem for dogs, this is the inability to use a leash. Let’s figure it out from the very beginning. As soon as a dog appeared in the future house, it is necessary to acquire comfortable, high-quality ammunition. You must always remember that the leash is feedback with the dog, you should not get confused about it. It should not cause any inconvenience to you or the animal. Accordingly, it is necessary to take this issue with all scrupulousness: to decide on the cost, ability, carbine. The length for the average, as practice shows, should not exceed 1.5-2 meters, the carabiner should be reliable, made of steel or brass, because this is an important aspect of the safety of your pet and others. A plastic carabiner at the most inopportune moment can burst, unbend.

How to stop your dog from pulling on the leash while walking

What to do so that the dog does not pull?

When the necessary ammunition is bought, we take it according to the rule – I do not allow tension on the leash. As soon as the leash is taut, it is necessary to return it to its slack state by a sharp jerk, jerk, or a series of such consequences, if necessary. The dog must understand that tugging on the leash = discomfort. Do not feel sorry for the dog at this moment, because humanity has often learned these things than to fight and pull with it all its life. Ideally, you should not feel any tension on the leash.

So, the first rule is not to allow tension on the leash.

As soon as the dog stops pulling it, slows down – be sure to praise, reward with a treat. Simply put, with the help of food, create a feeling of comfort around you. If you do everything right – the dog catches it, as a rule, very quickly. There are many different technologies, for example, you can stop, sharply change the direction of movement, and, when the dog catches up with you, reward with food, praise. The main thing to remember is that we are not teaching the dog to pass “near” at the moment, we are simply reacting with a jerk to the tension.

Rule two – create a comfortable environment around you.

to pull on a leash
to pull on a leash

Rules for a quiet walk with a dog

Try to remain calm throughout the walk: from the moment you put on the leash to the moment you enter back into the room. Do not wear ammunition for walking if the dog is restless – spinning, running, jumping near you.

Do not excite the dog once again with the phrase: “let’s go for a walk”, “who wants to take a walk”, etc.

The owner should go out, go in the door first. If the dog rushes in front of you, pull back the leash and go out or go in front of the dog.

Relaxation throughout the walk – your gait should be measured, confident, not annoying. The dog uses your state and copies it.

When you come for a walk – the first time should be next to you. Only when you say the command “walk” – allow the dog to move away from you and do your business.

It should be noted that these tips are not a panacea, it all depends on individual dogs, environmental irritants, and many other factors. In order not to correct mistakes, we advise you to meet frequently with Kinolog instructors who will help you understand your situation and approach the issue on an individual basis.

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