How to Walk a French Bulldog

How to Walk a French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is an unpretentious dog, but a loving owner who cares about the health and well-being of the pet will undoubtedly pay special attention to his outdoor walks and games. For these companion dogs, walking helps keep them in good physical shape, which is very important to avoid obesity and joint problems.

At what age do you start walking?

A full-fledged walking of the French Bulldog can begin after the end of the post-vaccination quarantine period, that is, somewhere in 3 months. Up to this point, you can take the puppy outside to breathe fresh air, but in warm, calm weather.

At the same time, you need to keep the dog exclusively on your hands, you can’t put it on the ground because of the vulnerability of the Frenchie to infections. The only time you can let an unvaccinated puppy out of your hands is to put him on a defecation device you brought with you.

Such walks are very necessary for the socialization of a dog, which is very important in puppyhood. The benefits of such walks will be noticeable at the beginning of full-fledged walking when the pet will not feel confused and scared but will fall into a more or less familiar environment.

Important! The main condition for such walks is that the puppy has already got used to the new owner, recognized him as a protector, and is ready to accept the new one, feeling safe.

It is advisable to take a leash with you so that the puppy begins to get used to its sight and smell.

How often should you walk?

Prone to overeating and obesity, walking is a vital necessity for French Bulldogs. In principle, walks are possible in any weather, but you should remember that puppies are susceptible to infections and do not accept drafts. Bulldogs do not have an undercoat – you should remember it, when walking in the cold season and take care of clothing for the dog or shorten the walking distance, preventing the dog from hypothermia. At the same time, heat for the Frenchie is more uncomfortable weather than cold, so walking in the midday heat is undesirable.

Walking a French Bulldog Puppy

When the vaccination, so necessary for maintaining the health of the puppy, is already over, and the quarantine also sustains, a new stage of her life begins for the dog, filled with new sensations and discoveries – walks.

Puppies initially need to walk often, but not for a long time, 10-15 minutes. Before a walk, you must always repeat the word “walk”. You should hold your puppy when you go downstairs for walks from up to 6 months of age if you live in high-rise buildings. A puppy should not be allowed to go down the stairs on its own to prevent improper development of the skeleton and paws.

The number of walks should be no less than the number of meals – a rule used by those owners who want to successfully teach their pets to empty their bowels and bladder on the street. Since these organs cannot yet retain the contents for a long time, it is quickly brought out.

Therefore, immediately after eating, you should take the puppy outside without delay to make the toilet, nothing more. It is better if this is the same place so that the dog knows the smell of his toilet, and some owners go out with pre-stocked puppy feces to “stake out” and “mark” the cherished place for the first time.

Important! Since the number of feedings will decrease as the puppy grows, the number of walks will also decrease. The dog will wait for the meal so that he can then empty himself when he goes outside.

It should be noted that it is impossible to take active walks immediately after feeding, as intestinal volvulus may occur, therefore, for such walks, you should choose the time before eating. If the dog is very overexcited after a walk, you should also not rush with feeding, waiting until it calms down.

From the first walk, you should accustom your pet to a leash and a collar. A dog must walk next to the owner, on the left, a little on an extended leash. Long runs are harmful to a weak puppy, as well as jumping.

Calm walking with introductory sniffing of new objects met by a curious animal on the way is preferable. But if the puppy is tired, it must be picked up, so the appropriate clothes for the walker should be taken care of in advance.

Walking an adult dog

An adult French bulldog can walk normally 2-3 times a day for 1-1.5 hours. In good weather, walks can last up to 3 hours. On a walk, the dog should be allowed to be active, to show all the inherent instincts, therefore, for such purposes, it is necessary to choose suitable places: special areas or secluded areas where there will be no children or large dogs.

During walks, the dog is trained, taught commands, plays, and just communicated. In such places, the dog can be let off the leash so that he runs, but is always in front of the owner. When large dogs or other dangers appear, you should immediately take the dog on a leash. It is also better to avoid carrion and sewage.

Required accessories

A collar, a leash, and a muzzle are attributes without which it is impossible to imagine a walk of a well-mannered French bulldog.

The collar should be strong, tightly wrap around the animal’s neck, but not squeeze it. It is better to have a leather collar 1-3 centimeters wide with a strong metal clasp.

The leash for walking should be strong and of such length that would provide sufficient distance for the free walking of the dog. On one end of the leash, there may be a carbine to which the collar is fastened, on the other, there may be a loop for the hands of the walker with the dog.

A muzzle is best purchased from soft but durable leather. He should not squeeze the muzzle of the animal too much so as not to rub it, but he should not hang freely either.

And although French Bulldogs are not included in the list of dogs that must be walked in a muzzle, in cases such as traveling in transport, walking in public places with a large number of people, or a trip to the veterinarian, it is necessary to wear a muzzle.

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