French bulldog grooming

French bulldog grooming

Grooming a dog includes a set of procedures for caring for the external integument of a pet:

• combing;

• bathing;

• a haircut;

• cutting of claws;

• ear cleaning;

• examination and brushing of teeth.

Most of the time takes care of the fur of the animal. Short-haired dogs do not require frequent grooming procedures. The French Bulldog belongs to the breeds that do not need periodic haircuts; regular brushing and water procedures are enough to care for such a dog.

The coat of the French Bulldog is very short, but it requires constant care. In a small puppy, the coat is not only short, but also rare, so many owners prefer not to waste time combing it. This position is largely erroneous and does not enjoy the approval of experienced dog breeders who know that the puppy’s coat needs daily care.

The coat of the French Bulldog must be carefully looked after using special hygiene products. It is recommended to do this every time after walking. Having taught a puppy to take the procedure of grooming calmly, you thereby save yourself and your ward from many unpleasant incidents in the future.

When caring for a French Bulldog’s coat, you should not use a comb, as its hard, sharp teeth can severely injure the dog’s delicate skin. Therefore, before bringing home a small pet, try to get a set of hard and soft brushes designed specifically for grooming short-haired dogs. Brushes are the main tool for grooming bulldogs. They are large and small, hard and soft. Large ones are used to comb out debris from the dog’s coat, and small ones are used to giving it a gloss.

The washing up

During walks, especially during the rainy season, the coat of a French Bulldog can get very dirty, and it becomes very difficult and often impossible, to clean it with a brush. In such a situation, it is best to bathe the dog. If the weather is warm and dry outside, it is recommended to wash your pet as little as possible.

French bulldog grooming

Detergents for french bulldog

The detergent used to wash the dog should not dry out the skin. If you don’t have a pet shampoo and you’re going to use a regular one, choose one that’s designed for dry hair and contains a rinse.

Shampoos for short-haired breeds of dogs with conditioner and rinse are most suitable for caring for the coat of the French Bulldog.

Currently, the choice of dog care products, including the French Bulldog, is quite wide. The owner can choose shampoos, balms, rinses, sprays that are suitable in their qualities specifically for his pet.

Leading cosmetic companies, trying to make the care of dogs as easy as possible, have developed and produced topical products based on natural ingredients that do not contain harmful ingredients.

Manufacturers have touched upon the main aspects of animal skin and coat care, which allows solving the most common problems of the skin and coat of dogs, including the French Bulldog.

French Bulldog care products must be stored in a dark place, out of the reach of children and animals, separately from food, at a temperature of 0 to 25 ° C.

For the production of external dog care products, alcohols, soaps, chemicals, and medicines that adversely affect the structure of the coat are not used. Most detergent components are based on high-quality oils of vegetable origin, extracts of medicinal plants, and minerals.

Outdoor pet care products are quite economical and easy to use, they carefully care for the skin and coat of dogs.

Regular use of cosmetic products for the care of the French Bulldog will favorably affect his appearance and will allow him to win the highest awards at various exhibitions.

There are special dry hair care products for adult French bulldogs and puppies. For example, powder shampoo perfectly cleans your dog’s coat without water, absorbing dirt and leaving a pleasant smell. This shampoo is gentle and mild, and its chemical composition does not cause skin irritation.

In addition to dry shampoo, there is a spray that cleans the animal’s hair without water. The spray thoroughly cleanses and moisturizes the dog’s coat, giving it a shine and a pleasant smell. It is intended for French Bulldog puppies who are afraid of water, sick, or have suffered serious illnesses.

The spray must be sprayed onto the dog’s coat, rubbed over the entire surface of the bulldog’s body, and then remove excess with a napkin.

This pet hair care product is recommended for quick stain removal and is indispensable before preparing for a show. The use of the spray facilitates combing the coat and improves its structure. In addition, the drug does not change the natural color of the animal’s coat.

In order to remove stains, spray on the contaminated area and rub thoroughly, then blot with a dry cloth. If necessary, the process can be repeated.


For the dog’s coat to lie even and shiny after washing, it is recommended to rinse it with a weak solution of acetic or citric acid, which will also protect the dog from infection with external parasites. It is prepared as follows: 1 tablespoon of citric or acetic acid is added to 1 liter of hot water; the resulting solution is thoroughly mixed, and then cooled to a temperature of 40–45 ° C.

Other care

Once every two months, it is necessary to check the pet’s claws, if they have not expired naturally, then they should be trimmed. Circumcision should be carried out using a special nail clipper. If you use an unsuitable tool, you can easily injure the dog. You should brush your dog’s teeth once a week. It is especially necessary to carefully examine the pet’s ear cavities, in case of irritation, you should immediately contact your veterinarian. It is also necessary to regularly wipe the folds of the bulldog with a swab dipped in a special lotion.

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