French Bulldog ear care

One of the features of the French Bulldog breed is its large, erect ears, shaped like the auricles of a bat. French Bulldog ears are the hallmark of pets, and several important points are associated with them – from setting the ears to proper care and treatment.

According to breed standards, the ears of the French Bulldog should be symmetrical and upright with no creases. The auricle should be facing forward, not to the sides. 

In puppies under the age of 2 months, the ears may be creased, but at 8-9 weeks they should already stand up. If there is a problem with ear setting at the age of more than 2 months, calcium-containing foods should be added to the diet. 

At the age of 3-4 months, the broken ears are glued. The bandage, which the puppy must wear for at least 10 days, is done with a plaster, bandage, and cotton wool. Do not stroke or pat the puppy on the head – otherwise, the ears may sag. If your French Bulldog’s ear has dropped, chances are high that its diet is lacking in calcium or other beneficial micronutrients. 

Dust and dirt, small foreign particles can get into the open auricle. Another problem is sulfur, which accumulates in the ears. Therefore, you need to clean your pet’s ears at least once every 2 weeks.

How to clean french bulldog ears?

To do this, the Frenchman’s ears are wiped with a cotton swab dipped in sodium chloride 0.9% solution. It is more convenient to clean the ear canals using special thin sticks wrapped in cotton wool.

If the ears of your dog are too dirty you can use an ear cleansing solution.  Squirt ear cleansing solution into your dog’s ear canal until it is full.  Gently massage the area around your dog’s ear and allow him to extensively shake the head after a minute. Wipe the visible inner parts of your dog’s ear with a dry cotton ball. Don’t forget to give your pooch a treat and to tell him praise words for showing obedience.

It must be remembered that you need to clean the ear canals very carefully, do not go too deep, and be sure to hold the dog so that it does not twitch during this procedure, as you can damage the eardrum. 

If the ears are not cleaned, the dirt and wax that accumulate there can cause inflammation. And inflammation can lead to both partial and complete hearing loss. 

If you notice that the dog often shakes its head if you see dark discharge with an unpleasant odor in your pet’s ears – in no case self-medicate with various drops, but immediately go to a veterinarian for the correct diagnosis of the disease. 

There is another problem – this is ear mites, that occur during a warm period (late spring-summer-autumn). During this period, you need to carefully examine the ears of your bulldog every day. The main symptom of an ear mite infection is:

– your dog’s restless behavior, 

– the dog often scratches his ears, sometimes until it bleeds as the mite causes severe itching.

 If you find a mite, then it must be removed immediately, it is best if a veterinarian does it. Do not start treatment, in fact, it is very serious, the dog may develop purulent inflammation (otitis) and it may even die. 

Be healthy and don’t forget about caring for your pet!

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