Causes of Snoring in French Bulldogs


When a French Bulldog periodically does not snore very much, the owners usually do not worry about this, since such sounds are breed-specific. But if the dog makes a grunt, starts to choke, refuses to eat, then it is necessary to immediately find out the reasons for the animal’s reaction.

Representatives of this breed belong to brachycephalic – dogs with a flattened shortened muzzle. The palate in animals is elongated, which is accompanied by stenosis – narrowing of the lumen of the nostrils. Such features of physiology deliberately complicate the breathing of the animal, leading to snoring, fatigue, and difficulty breathing in hot weather. Therefore, with wheezing after a walk, physical activity, feeding, such a reaction is normal. And soon the breathing will return to normal. But the dog’s breathing can also be unhealthy, which is manifested by repeated frequent inhalation of air, grunting. If constant wheezing is heard, then this is also a confirmation of unhealthy breathing. If such a condition is observed during a walk or training, then you need to reduce the load, since the animal cannot cope. With such a reaction, you should also check the dog’s oral cavity. In the normal state, the mucous membranes are pink, and in the case of pathology, they acquire a purple or gray tint. A rapid pulse, thirst, and excessive salivation may signal heat stroke.

First aid for a pet and breathing control rules.

If snoring is the result of external factors, then it must be eliminated. The nervous system of bulldogs is very susceptible to external factors, so a loud unexpected sound or a long absence of the owner can make the dog nervous. What will affect the breath? Accordingly, the pet should be reassured. If the dog is overheated, you should move with him to a shady place and let him cool. If possible, wipe the dog with a napkin or sponge moistened with cool water. It is possible to correct a physiological feature to get rid of snoring. But this is done only surgically, which is dangerous for the health of the animal and expensive. Therefore, it is important to monitor the condition of the bulldog:

1. Control body weight.

2. Do not leave him alone for a long time to avoid unnecessary unrest.

3. Train without fanaticism, periodically stop during walks so that the animal normalizes breathing.

4. Avoid walking in too hot and stuffy weather.

5. Purchase special harnesses and collars designed to suit the anatomical features of this breed.

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