Black French Bulldog: character, size, and other features of the animal

French Bulldogs are peaceful, friendly, and extremely cute pets. This is a fairly popular breed that breeders love for its ease of care and simplicity in feeding. Compact dogs are ready to become companions for any person, they are happy to communicate with both adults and children. However, sometimes they also show character, especially when it comes to executing commands: to achieve the desired action, it is sometimes necessary to repeat the order more than ten times.

History of the breed

Despite centuries of hostility between France and England, there is a lot in common between them. For example, the French Bulldogs, which were bred in the UK. They were the favorites of the seamstresses, who kept them as pets and rat catchers. Then the era of emigration began. Small dogs were attracted by the local aristocracy, so this breed has become very popular. Not everyone could afford to have a small bulldog: the cost of a puppy ranged from $ 250, which at that time exceeded the cost of a Ford car. The breed was registered in France and therefore received a local prefix to the breed. The first exhibition where the Frenchie participated was the Westminster Kennel Club in 1896. There is a version that the French are descended from English Bulldogs and originally served as fighting dogs.

The emergence of black bulldogs is associated with genetic mutations in the breed. The constant mating of brindle dogs with brindle dogs could only lead to an even darker color, and, in the end, the French Bulldog would look like a completely black dog. Although it is not possible to genetically obtain a solid black color, outwardly the Frenchie can be completely black, which is a disqualifying vice. However, this does not prevent them from having a long enough history. For example, you can find archival photographs where noble ladies are captured with their black pets. However, this shade is today considered a marriage of the breed.

CAREFULLY! According to the rules, whole black dogs doesn’t allow at the show.

The character of the animal

The character of the black Frenchie is absolutely the same as that of his fellows of other colors. This breed is quite controversial. On the one hand, the French are quite lazy and imposing and will gladly keep their owner company on the couch. On the other hand, puppies are active and playful, which in most cases persists even as they grow up. French Bulldogs are distinguished by excellent intelligence. The dog understands its owner well, is prone to empathy. However, they are not always obedient. Sometimes you have to repeat the command more than a dozen times for your pet to make to execute it. This is due to willfulness and unwillingness to obey. Although, as the dog handlers note, the French are quite amenable to training, mastering the commands will have to make a lot of effort and patience.

Also, do not forget that dogs of this breed can have different temperaments. So, for example, choleric people quickly get tired of the training process and begin to take time off. You need to work with phlegmatic people at a calm pace. But for sanguine and melancholic people it is recommended to turn the training process into a fun game. French Bulldogs are extremely friendly. They are not at all averse to talking with young children, and their docile nature makes them a great friend for your son or daughter because you can be sure that the dog will not attack them or decide to go AWOL during the walk.

Dimensions and other features

The size of the French Bulldog:

For males: height 27-35 centimeters, weight 9-15 kilograms.

For bitches: 24-32 centimeters, weight 8-13 kilograms.

For a black French Bulldog, the above parameters are also valid. A feature of black bulldogs is the intensity of their color, which depends on genetic predisposition. It is extremely rare, but there are whole black bulldogs, more often the bulldog is variegated, but the human eye is not able to catch such subtle color transitions. Also, various markings of white or sandy color may be present on the coat. They are most often located on the chest and the legs, although there may also be spots on the back.

Shades of color

The rarest variety is the all-black French Bulldog. You can get such a color only as a result of a long crossing of two animals with a pale brindle color.

There are also:

Black and white French Bulldog: have a black background with white markings, as white fur is always overlaid on top of a color.

black and white french bulldog

Black and tan French Bulldog:  combine cream and black color. However, this is a breed defect, as cream-colored dogs should be without a single black hair. This is their difference from fawn, which, according to the breed standard, can have areas colored with black pigment.

black and tan french bulldog

Black Merle French Bulldog: occurs when the dominant gene is black. This pushes out the other coat colors. Of the three Frenchie colors black, tan and fawn the dominant gene shines through giving the Black Merle its color and name.

black merle french bulldog

Life expectancy and health

Since the black color of the bulldog is a genetic mutation, there are differences in the health and life expectancy of these dogs, and for the better.

IMPORTANT! Black Frenchie have better immunity and are less susceptible to diseases. This is because French Bulldogs have a tendency – the weaker the color, the worse the health of the pet. According to breeders, this rule also works in the opposite direction. Therefore, your Frenchie of a non-standard color will delight you for several years more than his “ordinary” brethren. On average, according to reviews, the lifespan of such a dog is thirteen to fifteen years.

How to choose?

A healthy puppy will have a shiny coat, and there should be no purulent discharge on the eyes and ears. The mucous membrane is pink. The body fat should be moderate, the Frenchie should in no case be depleted. The puppy should be moderately active, playful.

 NOTE! Also, do not forget about your feelings, because you will have to spend many years with this pet!


Now you are familiar with another type of French Bulldog. Although your black baby will not please you with a champion title at the exhibition, he will become a great friend to you, who will share with you both grief and happy moments.

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