Are french bulldogs smart?

French Bulldogs are very sociable pets. They love when all family members play with them and feel best when they become the center of everyone’s attention. They rarely conflict with any of the people, but they are quite jealous of pets.

Bulldogs are very sensitive to the mood of their owners and if they are not inclined to play or socialize, they will not annoy them or impose their society on them. About other pets, these dogs often behave selfishly. Even if they are tired or sick, and the bulldog at this time wants to play with them, he will stubbornly involve them in his entertainment, contrary to their desire and physical capabilities.

Frenchie can be nice and playful, but at the same time, they require increased attention to themselves and respect. French Bulldogs have an exceptional loyalty to their owners. Attached to someone with their soul and all their small, but loyal and courageous hearts, these dogs will be faithful to this person until the last minute of their lives. They will be bored without the owner when he leaves for work or study, and upon their return, they will be greeted with such joy, as if they had spent many years apart from their owner. These dogs take overexposure or life in a dog house very badly, in addition, they do not like to be alone.

 Bulldogs are so sociable that they are ready to accept signs of favor for their person not only from the owners, but also from guests who have come to the house, or from passers-by on the street. Not all owners like this attitude towards strangers, and some owners of the Frenchie even consider their dogs “traitors”. But, in fact, the bulldog still values ​​its owner very much. Simply striving to be in the spotlight, makes him very open to communicating with strangers.

The French Bulldog is not one of those dogs that will spend whole days on a bed. These small but brave dogs love movement and active games, and they can also get bored playing alone. Therefore, they try to constantly be in the spotlight and are very happy when there is a person who wants to play with them. Bulldogs are very attentive and in their way caring towards their owners. Feeling their mood subtly, the dog understands when a person feels lonely or bored. In this case, the Frenchie will approach him and try to entertain or calm him down. If the owner is busy with some important task that requires concentration, the dog will not distract him, but will patiently wait until the owner can pay attention to him.

However, at the same time, Bulldogs can be quite selfish. They can remember undeserved grievances for a long time and, on occasion, can even take revenge. You should not use brute force or shout at them: in this case, the Frenchie can become embittered and become stubborn or aggressive. If the owner is ready to pay attention to the pet, is happy to communicate with him, and at the same time treats the animal with respect, then the French bulldog will become a real friend for him, and, if necessary, a protector.

French Bulldogs are ideal pets for a single person or a family with children.

French Bulldogs are smart enough to understand the commands being studied. But they are in no hurry to carry them out as soon as they hear them. And the point here is not stubbornness or harmful character. Simply, this breed was bred not as a service breed, but as a companion, focused primarily on communication with the owner. One of the main qualities confirming the high intellectuality of the Frenchie is their inherent sense of humor, which is why they are often called “clowns of the canine world.” Even the fact that these dogs bark only out of necessity, when, for example, they need to draw the attention of their owners to something, is a sign that they are characterized by intelligence and ingenuity.

Yes, the French Bulldog will never become a service dog that flawlessly carries out commands as soon as he hears them. But on the other hand, he perfectly knows how to understand life situations and, following this, builds his behavior and full-fledged communication with people. French Bulldogs are known as dogs that are great at getting along with children of all ages. If a pet of this breed falls into a family where there is already a child, as a rule, there are no problems with building relationships between younger family members. However, if a baby is born in a family where a bulldog already lives, the situation may turn out differently. The appearance of a child in the family disrupts the rhythm of life for the Frenchie. And if you consider that the baby requires the attention of the owners adored by the dog and constantly cries, it is easy to understand that such life changes are not at all pleasing to the dog. French Bulldogs are very friendly and affectionate towards their owners. They are also tactful and delicate so as not to harm the newborn.

But at the same time, representatives of this breed are quite conservative and not devoid of selfishness. Therefore, it is necessary to try to devote time not only to the child but also to the dog. Bulldog, seeing that he is still dear to his owners, in the end, will get used to the baby and love him just like all other family members. It is very important to take into account the fact that representatives of this breed are jealous and demand respect for themselves. But small children who do not understand the difference between a toy and a live dog can accidentally hurt the dog or scare him with screams. And in this case, the Frenchie can intuitively show aggression and snap at the baby. Parents need to supervise young children as they play and interact with their pets. You cannot allow a child to accidentally or, even more so, deliberately offend an animal, as well as take away toys from him. It is also very important to teach children not to touch the dog while it is eating or resting.

The French Bulldog can be a good guardian for an apartment. Indeed, despite its small size, it is fearless, and its hoarse barking, reminiscent of the voice of a large dog, can scare off an intruder who encroaches on the safety of the owner or the safety of his property. Bulldogs do not tend to bark because of the slightest noise, and if an intruder decides to get into the house, most likely, the dog will not waste time barking at him, but will immediately try to bite.

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